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The haemoglobin concentration should rise by about 100 - 200 mg per I 00ml (11 - 2g per litre) per day or 2 g/100 ml (20 g/litre) over 3-4 weeks. After the haemoglobin has risen to normal, treatment should be continued for a further three months in an attempt to replenish the iron stores,
Ferrous sulfate is the hydrated salt which contains 20% iron. Dried ferrous sulfate (30% elemental iron) also is available. Ferrous fumarate contains 33% iron and is moderately soluble in water, stable, and almost tasteless.
Ferrous gluconate has also been successfully used in the therapy of iron-deficiency anaemia. The gluconate contains 12% iron.
Polysaccharide - iron complex is a superior iron preparation which contains 100% elemental iron with comparable absorption. The effective dose of all of these preparations is based on iron content.
The average dose for the treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia is about 200 mg of iron per day (2 to 3 mg/kg), given in three equal doses of 65 mg. Children weighing 15 to 30 kg can take half the average adult dose while small children and infants can tolerate relatively large doses of iron - for example, 5mg/kg. Prophylaxis and mild nutritional iron deficiency may be managed with modest doses. When the object is the prevention of iron deficiency in pregnant women for example, doses of 15 to 30 mg of iron per day are adequate to meet the 3 to 6 mg daily requirement of the last two trimesters. When the purpose is to treat iron-deficiency anaemia, but the circumstances do not demand haste, a total dose of about 100 mg (35 mg three times daily) may be used.

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