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Each uncoated tablet contains:
Cinnarizine IP………………….25 mg

Antihistaminics, anti-emetics and anti vertigo preparations

Cinnarizine is a centrally acting antihistamine and calcium channel antagonist. Cinnarizine inhibits contractions of vascular smooth muscle cells by blocking calcium channels.
Cinnarizine increases erythrocyte deformability and decreases blood viscosity in vitro. Cinnarizine inhibits stimulation of the vestibular system.
The peak plasma levels of cinnarizine are obtained 1 to 3 hrs after intake. Cinnarizine is completely metabolized. About 1/3 of these metabolites are eliminated in the urine and 2/3 in the faeces.
The plasma protein binding of Cinnarizine is 91%

Control of vestibular symptoms of both peripheral and central origin and of labyrinthine disorders including vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, nystagmus, nausea and vomiting. Prophylaxis of motion sickness. Central Origin Vertigo, Vertigo due to vestibular Neuronitis, Cervical Spondylosis, cerebro vascular disorder.
Adjunct therapy for symptoms of peripheral arterial disease and cerebrovascular disease

In patients with known hypersensitivity to cinnarizine and patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The safety of VERTIGON* tablets in pregnant and lactating women has not been established.


This medicine may lead to drowsiness and impaired concentration, which may be aggravated by simultaneous intake of alcohol or other central nervous system depressants. Patients should not operate hazardous machinery or drive motor vehicles or perform potentially hazardous tasks where loss of concentration may lead to accidents.

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