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DESOL is an oily solution for dissolving Ear Wax with the added advantage of anti bacterial, anti fungal and anaesthetic action.

Occlusion or partial occlusion of external auditory meatus by either a collection of soft wax or a harder wax plug. CONTRAINDICATIONS Otitis externa, seborrhoeic dermatitis and eczema affecting the external ear.

Approximately 2 to 3 drops should be instilled into the ear with the head inclined or, better still, with the patient lying down. Should the DESOL tend to run out when the head is held up, a small plug of cotton wool soaked in DESOL, or smeared with petroleum jelly, could then be applied. Ten to thirty minutes later the softened and disimpacted cerumen can be simply removed by using a probe tipped with cotton wool or by gentle syringing.
Alternatively, the patient can himself instill the drops (as described above) two to three times a day for a few days in order to loosen the wax. In many cases this procedure is sufficient as frequently the wax will run out of its own accord.

Local irritation. Do not apply if the ear drum is perforated. Avoid contact with the eyes

PRESENTATION 1 0ml Dropper Bottle.

Store in a well stoppered container in a cool place. Protect from light. Use the contents within 4 weeks after opening the container. "NOT FOR INJECTION"


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