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Good health is vital to all of us and finding sustainable solutions to the health care is also a big challenge for us. That’s why we at GENO are committed to providing effective and affordable medicines and related healthcare services to the people who need them. We have a leading portfolio of medicines that prevent, treat and cure diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

We believe that access to quality healthcare is a right, not a priviledge and our Endeavour is to ensure the availability of quality medicine at affordable prices across the country.

Our main motto is to satisfy the needs of the physicians who prescribe our products and of the patients who benefit from them.

GENO’s innovation of multi ingredient drugs offers definite leverage in tackling the multiplicity of factors confronting every clinician. The doctors trust GENO as their reliable partner in prevention and in the cure of diseases.

GENO’s sales operations, handled by experienced marketing professionals, embrace the whole of the country and Nepal. We pride ourselves on our field force. The present team consists of 680 high caliber field sales personnel comprising 544 medical representatives and 136 junior and senior level managers. Our Field Force is also strongly supported by well trained and equipped Product Management Team (PMT) so that the Field Force can percolate scientific information correctly and meticulously to the Medical Fraternity. In our list of customers in the medical fraternity there are approximately 1,21,655 doctors from all over India and Nepal out of which nearly 80,000 are consultants and 41,665 doctors are general practitioners. Our focus is mainly directed to 80,000 consultants who comprise Cardiologists, Consultant Physicians, Nephrologists, Surgeons, E.N.T. Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Gynecologists, Neuro physicians, Neuro Surgeons and Diabetologists.

In India and Nepal we have presence in all states, all districts, all sub-divisional towns and majority of the villages as with our product basket we can reach any doctor and every doctor.
Simultaneously GENO has established 24 C & F depots located at strategic places throughout India so as to ensure that the products reach the entire length and breadth of the country through the company’s own stock points.

CMARC has ranked GENO at 66th position in the list of the first 90 pharmaceutical companies of India. Some of the company’s products have already become household names in different parts of the country or have achieved leadership position in their class of products. The sales contribution of GENO’s various product groups to the company’s turnover according to their therapeutic categories is

Analgesics/Anti-pyretic/Anti-inflammatory Agents

Oral and Topicals    17.13%
Gastro-Enterologicals/Anticholinergics      7.56%
Appetite Stimulant Tonics/Nutritional Supplements    37.60%
Anti-infectives      4.71%
Anti-hypertensives/Diuretics/Anti-Vertigo/Anti-Migraine & Allied Cough & Cold Remedies    25.00%

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